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The CLEAN e-INDIA Initiative, launched by Attero, aims to establish an integrated eWaste Consumer Take Back Program to help ensure organized collection, management and recycling of electronic waste in a responsible and sustainable manner. The initiative is being rolled out across major cities in the country, which are one of the primary sources of electronic waste generation.

The initiative is working on integrating the informal sector into the organized supply chain, while also helping set up a widespread consumer eWaste collection network. The eWaste collected under the CLEAN e-INDIA Initiative will be processed in an environmentally responsible manner using clean technology. Consumers will also be incentivized for being a part of this initiative and disposing their eWaste.

About Attero: A NASA recognized technology innovator, Attero is India’s largest electronic asset management company. As a pioneer in the electronic waste management sector, Attero has been spearheading efforts to tackle the eWaste issue through its 360 degree approach. Powered by disruptive clean technology, Attero is the only Indian company, and one among seven globally, with the capability to extract valuable resources from eWaste in an eco-friendly manner. Visit to know more.

How it
CLEAN e-INDIA - Process

- Step-by-step eWaste management process -

  • Have an electronic device (such as mobile phone, laptop, television set) you don't use anymore?
  • Our e-Captain will collect your eWaste from your doorstep and incentivize you for your contribution to a greener planet.
  • The collected eWaste will be packed and sent to Attero’s state-of-the-art recycling facility for safe and responsible processing.
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