Hyderabad Youth drive towards Conservation

Hyderabad Youth drive towards Conservation

Clean e-India
June 5 2017
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Hyderabad Youth drive towards Conservation

East or West India is the best! Yes, We Indians have this strong belief and believe it too. This is a country with a youth demographic accounting to 65% of its population with the age group 35 or under . When this active, young and energetic group decides to do something, they keep trying till they really nail it hard.


Hyderabad Youth

This time its Hyderabad youth who have pledged to make their city clean, safe and green. The youth in different areas like Banjara hills, Manikonda, Uppal etc have formed teams to make this mission a success. The team is majorly formed by youth from 19 years to 32 years of age , the more enthusiastic point in these teams is the involvement of female power. Hyderabad girls are actively participating in the agenda too for a greener tomorrow.


Clean Hyderabad

Youth are knocking each door of their localities with a laid programme and schedule. For January, 2015 they worked with a plan to spread awareness about the disposal of waste . The major point of concern was to teach people to not to throw the waste in bins or trash but to send it for recycling. The benefits to recycle it through the mode of formal sectors and organised sectors was emphasized. In January, 2015 the schedule also included a oath taking form submission where people have signed a pledge to envision clean Hyderabad.

The pledge details that the signee will not give the waste to informal sectors or scrappers rather will send it to organised recycling sectors. The other side of pledge taking form had complete information in regard to the effects of unorganised eWaste disposal. There it is depicted that eWaste when burned or submerged in acid in order to obtain useful elements cause environmental degradation and pollution. Also, it has been stated that when eWaste is subjected to landfills it leads to leaching of soil and hampers the health of grazing animals which graze the edible grown in electrical waste filled land.


February Schedule

Among the bullets of the work schedule, February had an eWaste collection drive. The youth on the first Sunday of the month had planned to collect and send electrical waste for environment friendly recycling. This bullet of the schedule was accomplished with the help of Clean e-India, an initiative towards a safe, green and clean India. Youth from Hyderabad and Clean e-India had erected collection points at various areas as mentioned above in order to collect eWaste.

These collection points had received a tremendous amount of eWaste and the participation of citizens of Hyderabad was remarkable too. The bad part was that the city had a large pool of electronic waste and the best part is it was collected for organised disposal leading to no loss to environment nor to the manpower involved in such activities. Hats off to the Hyderabad youth, well done Team!


Take away programme

On receiving call on toll free number 1800 - 419 -3283, Clean e-India facilitate a pickup of eWaste from the doorsteps of the owner of eWaste in Hyderabad. A representative, namely e-Captain is send to bring the eWaste in order to recycle it using environment friendly processing technology. Also, he exchanges a value for the electronic waste to reward the money which the owner had paid while buying the electronics.


Thank You! Hyderabad youth for the initiative to envision a green, clean and safe city.


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