Five reasons to be associated with Clean e-India

Clean e-India
April 22 2018
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Five reasons to be associated with Clean e-India

Electronic waste is generated by us in heaps and tons. With materialism being the current religion, each one of us is in the race of hoarding and acquiring gadgets we do not need. How often do you change your mobile phone, upgrade to the latest laptop or throw away your current television set in the quest for a bigger screen? Answer this question and you will understand the dire need for a mechanism that ethically recycles your electronic waste.

Clean e-India is a noble initiative by the International Finance Corporation and Attero to help rid the Earth of the very toxic and hazardous electronic waste. Here are five reasons why being associated with Clean e-India is the best thing you can do:

  1. Clean e-India responsibly recycles eWaste to prevent environmental deterioration and destruction caused by the reckless burning of waste.

  2. It protects the health of the people engaged in the illegal and incorrect ways of eWaste disposal.

  3. It will channelize the unorganized sector which will help improve the living and working conditions of the millions of lives involved in this sector.

  4. The excellent door-step service provided by Clean e-India is hassle free and provides convenient pick up of your electronics. All you have to do is call on the toll free number 1800- 419- 3283 and ask the e-Captain to pick your electrical devices.

  5. It provides value for your goods i.e. you get paid for your discarded electronics.


Therefore, it is wise to conclude that there are numerous reasons why you MUST get connected with Clean e-India and help in environmental development and protection rather than contribute towards its degradation and decline.

We call out to all the responsible citizens who care for the planet we live on and urge them to help us take the initiative forward. Let us make eWaste a history with Clean e-India.

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