3030-Geology of Gadgets

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April 22 2018
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3030-Geology of Gadgets

It is a new Sunrise today of 2015 where flowers are blooming and children in India are busy checking their phones, engrossed in their laptops. The playing parks are filled with old people taking their walks for health reasons. Happiness is blooming all in the air signifying prosperity and success.


But to analyse, with respect to a big picture are we really going to envision a prosperous and a successful 3030 in the same way? The activities which we employ towards environmental degradation and unhealthy surroundings are for sure going to hinder the progress as well as the success of the nation. It is well said act today for a better tomorrow but our actions today might hamper our tomorrow.


It is believed that the days are not far when due to the informal disposal and a refusal to recycling will lead to an age where there will be a lot of hazards. Scientists state that the speed with which the entry of eWaste is increasing in the landfills demands an attention. The electrical as well as the electronic waste that is being dumped into land not only cause pollution but also leads to health hazards to the life sustaining on this earth.


The heavy metals like cadmium, lead, mercury from the eWaste like circuit boards, monitor, television etc. lead to nervous disorders, epilepsy, skin rashes etc due to its presence in air. The landfills in 2030 will be integrated with a large reservoir of eWaste which will be an evidence of dark digital age. Today as we come to know about Harappa culture, various civilisations by the geology evidences found in earth .Similarly, in 3030 the geology will reveal the presence of old electronics like VCR, Monitors, Pagers, washing machines in year around 2000 and after.


This might sound exciting but dear Indians! We need to unite and stand together to envision a green, clean and safe country. The geology, if discovers eWaste in 3030 will be really shameful on our part. We have borrowed our earth from our ancestors and have to gift the same to our coming generations. So, it will be a hour of proud if we could forward them with a land which is safe, green and the same as we had inherited.


To do the above said is not a cumbersome task. Delhi and Hyderabad you can be the first to evacuate eWaste as the two cities are blessed to have an initiative, Clean e-India which is driving with a motive to ensure green, safe and clean India. They take away eWaste by sending e-Captain to the doorsteps of the holder of electronic waste. To call e-Captain, the owner of the electronic waste has to dial toll free number 1800 - 419 - 3283. e-Captain takes away eWaste for environment friendly recycling and exchanges the value for the same.


So India! Let us all not throw our eWaste in trash or dump it here and there, neither should we give it to unorganised sectors. We need to send it to the formal sectors like Clean e-India to not let the geology discover eWaste in 3030. Pledge a better tomorrow by giving a second chance to live to our old electronics and envision a clean India.


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